Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic: How to Get and What Does it Do?

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Image courtesy of Smilegate

There are a variety of magical beasts and enemies in Lost Ark to defeat. One of these is the mimic, and for defeating them, players get an item called "Key Swallowed by Mimic."

There are many collectibles that are dropped from enemies in Lost Ark that serve purposes for you and your party, so what does the "Key Swallowed by Mimic" do?

Lost Ark Key Swallowed by Mimic: What Does it Do?

If you haven’t encountered them already, Mimics can be found in the Navatia Ruinsin Ozhorn Hill, and when defeated, will drop the "Key Swalled by Mimic." However, sadly, the Key Swallowed by Mimic has no special purpose. The item isn’t for some special quest, can’t be used on a specific, mysterious chest, and can’t be dismantled for parts.

The Key Swallowed by Mimic in Lost Ark is good for one thing: they can be sold for a small amount of silver. So while they are good for nothing more than a little chuckle at the Mimic swallowing its own key, they will reward you with something after all.

Lost Ark is now available for PC.