Lost Ark Rapport: Best Characters to Prioritize

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Rapport is Lost Ark's friendship system, allowing you to build relationships with certain NPCs in the game. Here are the best characters to prioritize.

Lost Ark isn't all about the battles. Sometimes, it's about having rewarding friendships with programmed NPCs. Talk to them, give them gifts, even play them some music - everyday you can build up your friendships with these characters in a number of ways.

Rapport in Lost Ark has its benefits. Players can build their friendships with certain characters to earn special cosmetics, stat boosts, and even gold. Each reward is earned depending on which characters you choose to spend your time with.

With that in mind, here are the best characters to prioritze in Lost Ark.

Best Characters to Rapport in Lost Ark

While there are over 70 NPCs to rapport with in Lost Ark, some are more useful than others. It's also worth considering what you want from them in the long run, be it gold, cosmetics, or something else.

Three of the available NPCs gift players Giants' Hearts when their rapport level is high enough, making them some of the most useful ones to prioritze. These characters are:

  • Beatrice
  • Sasha
  • Calvasus
  • Nineveh

If instead you're looking to gain more gold, then these characters are great ones to build friendships with:

  • Avele
  • Ealyn
  • Thirain

Some NPCs give players items to help complete various Tomes, such as:

  • Neria - Full Mine Car Ham Set for Adventurer’s Tome
  • Orelda - Special Cake Recipe for Adventurer’s Tome
  • Siera - Special Potato for Adventurer’s Tome
  • Thunder - Ritual Food Ingredients for Adventurer’s Tome

There a plenty of NPCs to meet with all over the world, but these few above will certainly help to get you on your way.