Lost Ark Reaper Class: What We Know So Far

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Lost Ark's new Reaper Advanced Class is on its way with the upcoming update. Details on its mechanics, skills and engravings were released in a blog post on Tuesday. Here's what we've learned so far.

The Reaper Advanced Class, which was announced alongside the Summoner Advanced class in the end of 2022 roadmap, will be the third type of Assassin class in the game.

Lost Ark Reaper Class: What We Know So Far

The Reaper’s Class identity is built around three Modes: Normal Mode, Persona Mode, and Chaos Mode

  • In normal mode, the Persona Meter fills every time a skill hits a target.
  • The Chaos Meter increases upon every successful Dagger Skill and Shadow Skill hit while the Persona Meter is full.
  • In Persona Mode, a Shadow Illusion can be summoned to become stealthy. The Shadow Illusion remains until you attack. You will remain stealthy even if you use Movement or Stand Up skills while in stealth.
  • Chaos Mode will grant several stat boosts, and can be extended from its initial nine-second duration with every continuous Dagger or Shadow skill hit.

The Reaper has two unique Class Engravings, Hunger and Lunar Voice

  • The Hunger Class Engraving is focused around generating more Chaos Meter and dealing even more damage while in Chaos Mode.
  • Lunar Voice is focused on landing huge Swoop attacks while in Persona Mode, granting immediate damage increases to Swoop instead of requiring stacks to be generated.

The Reaper’s skill categories consist of Dagger, Shadow, and Swoop skills

  • Dagger and Shadow skills are used to charge up Persona and Chaos Modes, and Swoop skills are heavily amplified by Persona, allowing for more devastating attacks.

The Reaper Advanced Class will release with Lost Ark's Nov. 16 update.