Lost Ark Secret Hideout Access Card: How to Unlock

Photo courtesy Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark's secret hideout access card can be achieved by going to the island Facility X-301. On this island, players will need to fulfill certain quests in order to achieve not just the secret hideout access card, but the island token as well.

Lost Ark Secret Hideout Access Card: How to Unlock

The secret hideout access card can be used for many things, be it getting a hoverboard or bypassing certain areas in order to complete quests. The access card can only be obtained at the island Facility X-301. Here, players should be around level 50 and have an equipment level of 250-400. 

To find Facility X-301, players will need to head towards Arthentine, a small land mass where, just off the coast toward the west, players will be able to find this island filled with unbeaten monsters and bosses.

Once on the island, players will need to complete all the yellow quests that are prompted for players in order to gain the Serviceable Condition quest.

This quest requires players to gather 1000 batteries, which can be collected by killing the enemies around the map. Once finished, players will then receive XP, some silver and, most importantly, the secret hideout access card.

This item can be used to unlock a variety of places and objects, foremost among them the X-301 Area 7. Here, players will have to defeat the boss Experimental Tarmakum in order to get the island’s token.

If a player needs the secret hideout access card again, players can retrieve it by going to past quests and finding the specific quest, Serviceable Condition. The quest resets daily, allowing the player to redo the process to get the secret hideout access key.