Lost Ark Timer App Explained

Image courtesy of Smilegate.

Lost Ark is a popular action RPG from South Korean developer Smilegate. It was recently released in English after its Korean and Japanese releases. But, due to daylight savings times in March, several players have reported that the in-game timers have been off.

One way to temporarily fix this problem is to start using an external timer app. Here's everything we know about the Lost Ark timer app.

Lost Ark Timer App Explained

The best Lost Ark timer app that players can use right now is only available in Korean. The timer that gamers will want to know about is titled "today's adventure island". Fans can also access the fifth category to get information on the island resets.

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no gamers that have made a Lost Ark timer app in English. This means that fans will have to resort to using Google Translate to navigate and use the timer app. Keep in mind that each timer has the logo associated with the particular event. Essentially, using the timer app should not be too difficult to use.

While the timer app is good enough to use for now, many gamers are hoping that the in-game timers get fixed soon.