Lost Ark: What to Do at Level 50

Photo courtesy of Smilegate

Lost Ark players may be wondering what to do at level 50. Luckily, there's a lot to do after reaching the this level in the game. Lost Ark is a MMORPG that take place in the world of Arkesia. Players are able to explore the world, fight a variety of monsters, explore dungeons and ultimately search for the lost ark.

Lost Ark has been around since 2019, but the game has finally made its way to North America and has been available for pre-download since Feb. 7. The full version of the game goes live on Feb. 11 with players already hitting level 50 in the game.

Before the release of Lost Ark's full version, the original level cap for characters was set to 50 but has now been set to level 60. After reaching level 50, players can continue playing the game to reach new achievements, experience points and more.

Lost Ark: What to Do at Level 50

For those who have reached level 50, we've come up with a list of things players can do in Lost Ark.

1. Vern Castle

Once players reach level 50, they should arrive at Vern Castle. Players can make this their "Return Point" at the Portal Statue. From Vern Castle, players will be able to enter and return to Chaos Dungeon.

2. Explore Chaos Dungeons

As mentioned above, Chaos Dungeons will unlock once players reach Vern Castle. Players can continue to gain experience points and level up their item level as well as their equipment and weapons.

3. Reach Item Level 302

Once players reach level 50, the next goal is reaching item level 302. Daily quest will begin to change once this is reached. By going through Chaos Dungeon or the Shushire Main Quest, the following material to level up can be obtained.

4. Daily and Weekly Quests

Daily and Weekly Quests will open up and grant players money, items and more. Players can work on these once reaching maximum level.

5. Craft and Fortress

Players can begin exploring fortress and crafting. There is only a maximum number of material that can be found each day, so progressing in these professions can take a few days.

These are only a few things players can do after reaching level 50 or 60 in Lost Ark. By reaching different item levels, new quests and dungeon will unlock. There are other islands and places that players can explore once level 50 is reached.