Lost Spray Cans Fortnite: Where to Find the Lost Spray Cans

Lost Spray Cans Fornite are a new challenge that have been added for the second week of Season X. If you are having some trouble trying to complete this challenge, we have created this guide to show you where to find the lost spray cans.

Lost Spray Cans Fortnite: Where to Find the Lost Spray Cans

The spray cans that you have to search for are hidden throughout the battlefield. There are a total of nine spray cans, however, you only need to collect five of them to complete the challenge. For the sake of completion and convenience, we have included all nine locations in this guide.

The locations are as follows:

• Junk Junction: The can is found next to a pile of garbage next to a basketball court.
• Umbrella-Shaped Mine: The can is found south of the block in the umbrella-shaped mine, just at the tip of the handle. It is inside a cave next to some barrels.
The Lava River: The can is found where the river heads leads into a concrete tunnel. It can be found against a pillar in the center.
• Frozen Waterfall: The can is found south of the Viking Village near the base of the frozen waterfall. It is near a tree just south of the waterfall's base.
• Shifty Shafts: In the center of Shifty Shafts, there is a room that is barricaded with wooden planks. Break down the barricade and turn left to find the can.
• Disco Factory: The can is found west of the disco factory northeast of Happy Hamlet in a snowy area. There should be an industrial complex near a tent between a fire pit and a container.
• Near Paradise Palms: If you go south of Paradise Palms, there should be a little junction east to a curve in the road. If you go to the southeastern most portion, there should be a tree across from a rock where the can is.
• North of Fatal Fields: The can is found north of Fatal Fields in the northern most point of a stream of water.
• Abandoned Mansion: The abandoned mansion contains the can, and it is located within Lonely Lodge.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

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