Loverwatch Not Working: How to Fix


Love may never die, but it may have a few hiccups. The Overwatch dating sim, Loverwatch, launched on Valentine's day and players are having the time of their lives wooing Mercy and Genji, but there have been a few problems with bugs hurting the experience. Here's how to fix them.

Loverwatch is a text game that allows players to woo Mercy and Genji by engaging in choice-based dialogues with the heroes. Selecting the correct choices gets one closer to true (non-canon) love with both characters. Loverwatch features multiple endings and funny dialogue that will no doubt go across well with fans of the game.

Loverwatch Not Working: How to Fix

Some players have had issues with lag and rewards not unlocking when playing Overwatch. Because the game is online in order to track progress and dole out rewards, it may become overloaded due to too many players playing at once.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and try refreshing, clearing the cache and troubleshooting connection issues first. Also, make sure your account is linked to Loverwatch so you can receive the rewards - which may not unlock for several hours. Patience and persistence is key, after all, you have plenty of time to play Loverwatch.