Lucio Bug Recently Discovered During Role Queue Update

Upon the release of the Aug. 13 Overwatch Role Queue update, Lucio players noticed that there was something wrong when playing their beloved Brazilian DJ.

Although Lucio never experienced any balance changes, there is a bug on live servers related to his Soundwave ability, which the community like to call his boop ability.

One of the most prominent Lucio players in the game, Redshell, posted a video on Twitter showcasing the bug with Soundwave.

Normally, Lucio's Soundwave is a crowd control ability that deals 25 damage and pushes enemies back who are within 8 meters in front of Lucio. However, Redshell demonstrated in his video that the ability is currently bugged. When enemies are walking from high ground to low ground, whether they are traveling down a staircase or a ramp, they will not experience any knockback from Soundwave. Instead, they will receive a very minor push, and will be able to continue walking forward as normal.

Since there are many places on nearly every map where stairs and ramps are utilized in Overwatch, this bug severely hinders Lucio's usefulness as a hero. Hopefully, the Overwatch team will be quick to fix this bug. Make sure that you also take some time to learn more about the recent update which added the role queue system.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

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