Lúcio Dodges Deadeye Shot with Emote

Lúcio's dance appears the secret to survival.
Lúcio's dance appears the secret to survival. / Photo by Blizzard

Some things in life are thought to be guaranteed. Death, taxes, and, of course, their equally famous cousin, getting hit by a Deadeye once it's locked on. But life has a funny way of breaking its own rules.

In this clip, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Friday by u/Hitlers_step_brother, the Lúcio player and their teammates are messing around in a skirmish, waiting for their Quick Play queue to fire. All of them are milling about the spawn area doing emotes and otherwise messing around. Lúcio climbs up to the side entrance of spawn and starts dancing. Their friendly Widowmaker jumps up next to them.

Then a McCree's voice rings out: "It's High Noon," comes the call from somewhere behind them. The Lúcio, apparently unflappable, just keeps dancing. Then the shots ring out just as Lúcio goes down to do the worm, and a bullet appears to fly straight over where their head just was to hit the Widowmaker standing behind them.

Can science explain what happened there? Probably. But the world is a better place believing Lúcio's sweet dance moves saved him from certain death.