Lucio's Voice Actor Partakes in Trolling Overwatch Players in Competitive Play

Jonny Cruz voices Lucio in Overwatch
Jonny Cruz voices Lucio in Overwatch / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is home to perhaps the most interaction between voice actors and the game’s community out of any of the Blizzard Entertainment titles. Something that Lucio’s voice actor, Jonny Cruz, takes advantage of.

On top of being the voice actor for the beloved wall riding support, Cruz finds himself as one of, if not the highest-ranked Overwatch player in the game’s 32-deep hero voice actor cast. Something that caught former Overwatch professional player now Twitch streamer, Christopher “Jay3” Pavloff, off guard. 

Cruz played with the Overwatch streamer in Competitive play. There, viewers got to witness Cruz’s near-Grand Master rank.

When he first joined Jay3’s lobby, Cruz made his entrance by repeating Lucio’s iconic “Let’s break it down” ultimate line, this surprised and impressed the streamer. 

“I love it, bro!” Jay3 yelled. “I bet you have fun playing Lucio, huh?”

Cruz stated that even though he has his fun trolling people, he is genuinely interested in climbing the competitive ladder. But, he will occasionally use his voice to his own advantage.

“Once in a while I do mess with people,” he said. “The most fun thing to do and get ‘you really sound good, man. You sound just like him.”

He also explained how players will claim that his voice sounds “alright”, even though this is the original voice actor performing.

The stream had multiple moments of Cruz utilizing his voice for his and Jay3’s amusement all while making plays to help his team win.