Lucky Apex Legends Player Has Absurd Amount of Healing Items to Survive Circle

A lucky Apex Legends player posted a clip of his teammate who ending up surviving the end circle because of location and large amount of healing items.

Shield items are usually more coveted in Apex Legends as players trade damage and replenish their shields before their health is effected.

First off, that's a lot of healing items. The player uses four Med Kits and nine Syringes. The player has a Golden Chest Piece which gives him increased healing speed, which is the sole reason how he survives. He barely creeps into a crevice, heals up, and slowly makes his way around a giant building, going in and out of the zone.

Finally, he finds the one remaining player, who turns out to be a terrible Pathfinder. Bangalore finishes off the enemy player, earns the win and a place in Apex Legends history.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment