Luigi's Mansion 3 All Bosses: Every Known Boss

Luigi's Mansion 3 all bosses can cause some trouble for new players to the franchise. With the release of Luigi's Mansion 3 on Oct. 31, players have dived into another Nintendo masterpiece.

The game has a "boss" or special ghost at the end of each floor and there are quite a few different floors. Here is a list of every known boss.

Luigi's Mansion 3 All Bosses: Every Known Boss

  • Basement – B1 (Steward Boss)
  • Floor 5 (Chambrea – The Maid Ghost)
  • Floor 3 (Kruller – the Hotel Shops Ghost)
  • Floor 2 (Chef Soulflle and the Rats – Chef Ghost)
  • Floor 4 (Amadeus Wolfgiest – the Pianist Ghost)
  • Floor 6 (King MacFrights – Knight Ghost)
  • Floor 7 (Dr. Potter – the Garden Ghost)
  • Floor 8 (Goober Kaiju and Morty – the Director Ghost)
  • Floor 8 and 7 (Polterkitty – First encounter)
  • Floor 9 (T-Rex Skelton and Ug – Dinosaur ghost)
  • Floor B2 (Clem – the Mechanic ghost)
  • Floor 10 (Serpci – the Ancient Egyptian ghost)
  • Floor 11 (Nikki, Lindsey and Ginny – the Magician Ghosts)
  • Floor 11, 12, 13 (Polterkitty Ghost – Second encounter)
  • Floor 14 (DJ Phantasmagloria – The Dance Hall Ghost)
  • Floor 15 (Hellen Gravely – Master Suite Ghost)
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 (King Boo – The Final Boss)

There are fifteen floors, but you don't ascend them in a straight order. After a while, you'll move up and down certain floors. Each one has a certain style or abilities that you'll need to be aware of. Do your best and you'll be certain to conquer them all!

Photo courtesy of Nintendo