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Luigi's Mansion 3 Sales: Game Outsells Super Mario Maker and The Legend of Zela: Link's Awakening

Luigi Mansion 3 sales are coming in as the game was released on Halloween. While Luigi might not receive as much love as other fan favorite Nintendo characters like his brother Mario or Link, the man clad in green has seen surprising success when put against other Switch releases in 2019.

Luigi Mansion 3, according to Games Industry, has managed to surpass both Super Mario Maker 2 and Zelda: Link's Awakening as the biggest Nintendo Switch launch in 2019.

Unfortunately, the scaredy-cat in a green hat still lost out to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in its opening week, charting second to the FPS superpower for the Halloween weekend.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Sales

The launch week sales of Luigi's Mansion 3 has surpassed the previous release in the series, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon which released on the 3DS, by almost double amount its physical copies.

The third installment of the spooky mansion-crawling adventure has been met by loads of praise by critics and long-time fans of the series, which explains how Luigi was able to trump the likes of Mario and Link in terms of sales on the Nintendo Switch this year.

Even with the extra day in its opening sales weekend, there's no mistaking the quality, as it's possibly the best installment in the Luigi's Mansion series so far and a must have 2019 title for the Nintendo Switch.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo