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LW1 Tundra vs Kar98k: Which is Better?

LW1 Tundra vs Kar98k: Which is Better?
LW1 Tundra vs Kar98k: Which is Better? / Photo courtesy of Activision

LW1 Tundra vs Kar98k: which is better? Is there finally a contender to challenge everyone's favorite marksman rifle? The Kar98k has been a fan favorite of snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone since the game's release. Its versatility and accuracy have proven it to be a trustworthy weapon both at the range and close up for quick scoping.

Since the integration of Black Ops Cold War, players have been trying to find how to best use the LW1 Tundra in Verdansk. The weapon packs a punch, and we hope to give some guidance into which weapon is the better choice.

LW1 Tundra vs Kar98k: Which is Better?

YouTuber and Twitch streamer "JGOD" is a well revered Call of Duty weapon analyst, and he's broken down everything needed to know about the LW1 Tundra and the Kar98k.

Ultimately, this question is a bit harder to answer, because it's something similar to asking which apple is best to use for making an apple pie. The Kar98k is a marksman rifle that can be built like a sniper rifle, meaning it's going to have a faster ADS and slower bullet velocity than the LW1 Tundra at base.

Likewise, the LW1 Tundra is a sniper rifle that can be built like a marksman rifle, giving an increase to ADS with the right attachments. The LW1 Tundra without a doubt feels like a "hitscan" rifle, because it has the fastest bullet velocity of any sniper or marksman rifle in the game at 1,145m/s. At this stat, it even outclasses the HDR.

It's going to come down to which weapon you perform better with, and what you're after. If you're willing to sacrifice the ADS for higher range and bullet velocity, the LW1 Tundra is your weapon. If you're comfortable hitting headshot after headshot quickly, then your best option is the Kar98k.