Mac-10 vs LC10 Warzone: Which is Better?

Are you comfortable fighting up close?
Are you comfortable fighting up close? / Photo courtesy of Activision

Mac-10 vs LC10 Warzone: which is better? Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone brought a new top-tier contender for the SMG class, namely the LC10. Both the LC10 and Mac-10 have proven themselves use-worthy in Verdansk, but ultimately it's hard to decide which one is the better gun. Hopefully, this guide gives you a bit more direction into which choice is the best for your top-tier loadout.

Mac-10 vs LC10 Warzone: Which is Better?

To begin, the LC10 does an exceptional amount of more damage than the Mac-10. In fact, the difference is so large that LC10's body shot base damage is the same base headshot damage of that for the Mac-10.

  • Mac-10 Headshot Base Damage - 30
  • LC10 Headshot Base Damage - 48
  • Mac-10 Body Base Damage - 25
  • LC10 Body Base Damage - 30

As the damage numbers continue to drop off at range, the LC10 continues to outperform the Mac-10. Even more, the LC10's drop-off range is 20m compared to the Mac-10's 16m, and 26m vs. 23m in favor of the LC10 once more at those ranges.

Counteractively in favor of the Mac-10, the rate of fire allows it to outperform the LC10. Provided all needed shots are made, the Mac-10's fastest TTK (time to kill) is 538ms, and the LC10's is 608ms. The major downside is that, if all headshots, the LC10 only needs six shots to kill a fully armored opponent, while the Mac-10 still needs nine headshots.

  • Mac-10 rate of fire - 1118 rounds per minute
  • LC10 rate of fire - 790 rounds per minute

Next up, the ADS (aim down sight) speed and magazine size are near identical for the weapons. Without attachments, the Mac-10 out performs the LC10 ADS speed at 167ms vs. 192 ms. With recommended attachments (Agency Suppressor
, 13.2" Rifled Barrel
, STANAG 55 Rnd, Field Agent Grip
, Dropshot Wrap) the LC10 ADS speed only increases to 200ms, while the Mac-10's increases to 225ms.

Likewise, the base magazine sizes of LC10 and Mac-10 are 34 vs. 32, respectively, and increase to 55 vs. 53 still in favor of the LC10. The recommended magazine size (STANAG 55 Rnd) for the LC10 will bring reload time to 2.9s, almost a full second slower than the Mac-10's.

Lastly, we have bullet velocity. At base, the bullet velocity of the LC10 is 400m/s, and at best it can be 775 m/s. The Mac-10 bullet velocity base is 356m/s, and at best it can be 633 m/s. Clearly this stat favors the LC10, but what does everything mean?

In short, the best choice depends on your range. If all shots are the same at the closest range, the Mac-10 will always win. In the mid-range after the first damage drop-off, the LC10 always wins. This is because the TTK of the Mac-10 increases from 538ms to 700ms, while the LC10 increases from 608ms to 684ms. After the final damage drop-off, the Mac-10 pulls ahead with a 758ms TTK vs. the LC10's 835ms.

Given that these are both SMGs and not meant for range, the best advice is to shoot first, and aim for the head.