Mac Jones Madden 23 Rating Revealed

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What is Mac Jones Madden 23 rating?

Rookie quarterbacks struggled mightily last season, but Patriot's quarterback Mac Jones seemed to be a step above the rest. The Alabama product may have not had the most impressive stat line, but he led New England to a solid 10-7 record. Jones also had notable wins over great teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Despite the New England quarterback having a great start to his career, Madden notoriously rates young players much lower than fan's expectations, and here's what Madden 23 rated Mac Jones this year.

Mac Jones Madden 23 Rating

This year Madden 23 rates Mac Jones as a 78 overall. This is actually a significant step up from Madden 22, where the rookie was just a 71 overall. His passing statistics all went up as well. Jones has a 92 short pass accuracy rating, an 84 medium pass accuracy rating, and a solid 82 deep pass accuracy rating as well.

With a 78 overall, Mac Jones still has a lot to prove to the Madden devs, but it's clear that the New England Quarterback has taken a significant step in the right direction. If Jones can lead the Patriots to another successful season, then without a doubt his overall ratings shall continue to improve.