Madden 20 Defense Controls: How to Dominate on Defense

Madden 20 defense controls are different than in year's past, so players will need to relearn some new tricks.

While most of the controls are still there, a couple are missing in general.

Madden 20 Defense Controls: How to Dominate on Defense

Here are some of the main highlights found by Madden School.

  • "RB/R1 no longer controls your linebackers. It is now right on the D-pad to bring up linebacker adjustments like shifting or pinching."
  • "LB/L1 no longer controls your defensive line. It is now left on the D-pad to bring up defensive line adjustments."
  • "RT/R2 no longer always brings up play art. It can sometimes but it is now LT/L2 + up on the right stick."
  • "LB/L1 this year brings up what LT/L2 used to bring up. Where you can run commit, QB contain, etc."
  • "Run fits are nowhere to be found at this point."

A source at EA and reported by Madden School stated that Madden 20 wanted to give the "prime real estate" of the controller to the Super Star/X-Factor features added in Madden 20. That's the main reason for the change in the button layout as EA still wanted to give control to players and the ability to micromanage your team, but also highlight the new features.