Madden 20 'Do It My Way Challenge': How to Complete It

Madden 20 "Do It My Way" is a specific challenge on Page 2 of Shady Signals. To do that, you'll need to complete "Fly Me to the Moon" which is involves throwing six or more high passes and scoring a TD in a single quarter.

Then you can go to Page 2.

Madden 20 Do It My Way Challenge

Madden 20 is a bit confusing with these challenges, so when it says, "You'd better not lateral!" That's exactly what you do. To lateral the ball past the line of scrimmage, you press L1/LB. You need to do this twice to complete the challenge.

To finish the bonus challenges, you need to run the ball six times and you need to spike the ball for at least two plays. Do this before the two laterals, or you'll complete the challenge before it starts.

Here is a list of the challenges:

  1. Ru…uh, Pass the ball 15 times = Run the ball six times.
  2. It’s ok to spike the ball to miss your target, honest = Spike the ball twice
  3. You’d better not lateral = Lateral the ball twice.

Photo courtesy of EA