Madden 20 Rookie Development Traits: How Do They Work?

Madden 20 Rookie Development Traits are another addition to the game that will help differentiate different athletes from one another. But how exactly do they work?

Here is everything that you need to know about rookie development traits in Madden 20.

Madden 20 Rookie Development Traits: How Do They Work?

Rookie Development Traits have been added to Madden 20 to add more differentiation between athletes. Most notable are the Superstar X Factors and Zone Abilities. Different players can be defined as Superstars or a Superstar X Factor. A Superstar X Factor is the highest level of development that a player can have, which includes a game changing trait or attribute. In addition to this, they also have multiple Zone Abilities.

Players can only have on X Factor trait, but can add multiple Zone Abilities that can enhance their performance during a match. In order to activate an X Factor, there are certain criteria that you have to meet. This can depend on the kind of objective you complete, such as completing a certain number of consecutive passes.

There is a whole list of X Factors that you can find on the official Madden 20 site here.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts