Madden 20 Training Points: How They Work

Madden 20 Training Points are a fantastic addition to the game that allow you to have an even greater control on how you can improve and impact the overall performance of your team.

Madden 20 Training Points

Madden 20 has a sort of currency called training points. These training points allow you to upgrade and improve upon the players that you have on your team. Unlike master cards, which require special tokens, training points can be earned simply by playing the game.

You can also earn training points by opening packs and by completing in-game challenges. Some other neat ways to earn training points are to complete missions that you can find under a tab labeled "Welcome to Ultimate Team." These are some tutorial missions that can give you a decent supply of coins. You can also get some cards from these missions, which you can sell for training points.

There are also challenges under the "NFL Epics" game mode which can net you a large amount of training points if you sell the cards you earn. However, it is worth mentioning that while you don't have to purchase player cards with actual money to sell them for points, this is the easiest way to earn more training points.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts