Madden 20 Ultimate Team Tips: 3 Important Tips for New Players

Madden 20 Ultimate Team tips are important for players jumping into the popular mode for the first time.

Madden NFL 20 released Aug. 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes gracing the cover. Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT, is one of the game's most popular modes. Akin to FIFA Ultimate Team, players build dream team lineups with the best players possible.

Starting a new Ultimate Team, especially for the first time, can be a daunting task. Here are three important tips for new players in Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

Madden 20 Ultimate Team Tips: 3 Important Tips for New Players

Do the Missions

Missions allow players to get a feel for the game while also unlocking big name players. It's a quick and easy way to build up your team. They're also brand new to the Madden 20 Ultimate Team experience.

Upgrade the Right Players

Finding a few players you either are a major fan of in real life or in Madden is important when building an upgrade path. FUT fans are quite jealous of this feature in MUT. It's a way to turn lower rated cards into absolute monsters without having to try and pack them.

Discard the Junk

One of the biggest Ultimate Team sins that goes unnoticed is letting junk build up in inventories. Be sure to get rid of whatever players and the like that you aren't using to free up some currency.

For those wanting more tips, EA Sports has a video series dedicated to help those new players and those wanting to get better.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports