Madden 20 Weekend League: When Do Weekend League Rewards Come Out?

Weekend League rewards are a big part of improving your Madden Ultimate Team.
Weekend League rewards are a big part of improving your Madden Ultimate Team. / EA Sports

Madden 20 Weekend League's open portion for January already concluded well over a week ago, so when can players expect their hard earned rewards to come out?

Based on the pattern established so far by the Madden Ultimate Team devs, it could be more than two weeks before players see their new packs, coins, and players in their accounts.

Previous Madden 20 Weekend League Rewards

For December's Weekend League event, players received their rewards the just before the start of January's Weekend League on Jan. 9. With the next Weekend League event scheduled for the week of Feb. 3, players should expect to receive their January rewards sometime around Feb. 5.

That is, of course, assuming there isn't any major delay on EA's side, as was the case for the rewards players earned during the first Weekend League event in August.

It is important to note players can also qualify for weekly Weekend League rewards by placing MVP or higher in Solo Battles, completing a Head-to-Head Season, or winning 10 or more games in the previous week's Weekend League.

Madden 20 Weekend League Rewards Tiers

As you could expect, the monthly Weekend League rewards offer a bit more than the simple weekly Weekend League rewards. However, both sets offer great bonuses to help players continue to grow their Madden Ultimate Team. For example, players who place Rank 100 or higher receiver, All-Star Tier Packs, Coin Quicksell cards worth over 100,000 coins, and an 84+ OVR player.

For a full list of the weekly and monthly rewards, check out EA Sports Madden NFL 20 MUT Champions forum.