Madden 21 New Features: 5 Changes That Need to Be in Madden 21

Madden 21 new features are all the conversation as the release date slated for August 25, 2020 comes closer.
Madden 21 new features are all the conversation as the release date slated for August 25, 2020 comes closer. / Courtesy of EA

Madden 21 new features are on the minds of many as the release date is slated for August 25. The constant critique from players of Madden and EA sports games is that they're just paying for an updated roster; that there are never new changes. Although, these are the changes that we think need to be made to make Madden 21 a more enjoyable game.

1. Better Game Physics

Madden 20 was a solid improvement on the physics update players have really desired out of the game and maybe we need to wait until the next gen consoles before we ask for a new physics engine, but it gets a bit tedious watching the same tackle animations happen over and over again.

2. More Realistic Pass Coverage

It feels a bit overpowered to the offensive player when one on one coverage happens no the outside. Cornerbacks aren't breaking onto the ball until the wide receiver has it in his hands. The cornerbacks don't feel like they're tight on the man and always are a few steps behind. Plus, safeties seem to follow the same routine of dropping deep whether or not there are any deep routes being run.

3. Injuries Need a Bigger Impact

A common critique of EA games is that injuries don't mean enough. Sure, nobody wants to have to deal with their star position player out with a bad injury, but if they're dealing with a significant problem, they should play like it. Running backs coming back from ACL tears should have a slight performance decrease. Maybe their agility is hindered slightly. If a quarterback comes back from a broken hand or wrist, maybe they don't have the same arm strength. A game sim should feel realistic—injuries included.

4. Coaches Calling Plays in Player-Franchise

This is a small critique, but it should be a change. When playing as a player, you shouldn't be calling the plays. Sure, it's nice to be involved with every moment, but if you're a running back, the ball shouldn't be run 70 times a game. Just like in the NFL, if you prove you're an integral part of the team that can change the game, your coach will reward you with more snaps.

5. Rival Games

Rivalries are huge in the NFL and sports in general, but in Madden, they just feel like any other game. The Eagles playing the Giants is much more intense than the Eagles playing the Bills, so why doesn't Madden replicate it? Maybe, special cutscenes are included in rivalry games to build the atmosphere, or veterans' stats are boosted while rookies' suffer a decrease. Players are people and Madden could really evolve their gameplay by making them feel like personalities.