Madden 21 Twitch Loot: How to Get

How to claim free packs with Madden 21 Twitch Loot.
How to claim free packs with Madden 21 Twitch Loot. / Photo be EA Sports

Madden 21 Twitch Loot are freebies you can get just for linking your EA account with an Amazon Prime subscription. Here's how to claim Twitch Loot for Madden 21.

Madden 21 Twitch Loot: How to Get

The Twitch Loot for Madden 21 are Prime Gaming Packs. You can claim one Prime Gaming pack a month. A Prime Loot Pack includes an elite player, two gold players and three silver players.

In addition to loot drops, you can watch daily Madden Twitch streams Monday through Saturday to get a pack after the stream is done. There are often random drops during the stream, so it might be worth setting it up and leaving it in the background to passively earn a few extra goodies.

To get the free packs, just link your EA account to your Amazon account. Your PSN or Xbox account should also be linked to your EA account. Prime Gaming is just part of Amazon Prime, so you'll need that to get your rewards. Head over to the Prime Gaming page and hit Claim to get your free packs.

If you don't already have Amazon Prime, you can give it a try for 30 days. You'll get all of the Prime Gaming benefits as well as the usual Amazon Prime ones. After that, it's $13 a month. You'll be able to grab a few free packs before the trial is over, so give it a shot and claim some free packs.