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Madden 22 Sept. 2 Update Explained

Madden 22
Madden 22 / Credit to EA

Electronic Arts has released the full patch notes for the Madden 22 Sept. 2 Update.

The update seems to primarily focus on bug fixes and server stability improvements. Madden 22's servers have recently been having connection issues, but patch 1.004 (Sept. 2) should considerably improve the game's connectivity.

Madden 22 Sept. 2 Update

Patch 1.004 for Madden 22 on Sept. 2 contains many bug fixes and stability improvements, but also adds more authentic historical content to the game. Most of these additions include classic or throwback uniforms and changes aimed to improve character authenticity. The Cowboys, Falcons, Colts, Packers and Chiefs have all been given new throwback uniforms reaching as far back as 1960. Player likeness changes are also included in the update, included changes to five coaches and to Cam Newton.

EA has also stated that they are aware of the feedback concerning pass coverage and though patch 1.004 will not include any changes, EA will be making changes in the future. Other gameplay changes include tuning the momentum mechanic in online head-to-head modes so that it will not swing so wildly.