Madden 23 Players Call for Ultimate Team Changes With #PackStrike

"With the massive issues going on in Madden 23 we need changes."
"With the massive issues going on in Madden 23 we need changes." / Electronic Arts

Madden NFL 23 players are calling on those in the Ultimate Team community to join its "#PackStrike" and boycott Madden Points transactions until changes are made to the mode.

According to Madden influencer Zirksee, the main gripes with the game are its current pack odds and reward structure.

"Myself and other creators in the community have decided to go on a pack strike," Zirksee tweeted on Sept. 20. "With the massive issues going on in Madden 23 we need changes. DON’T BUY POINTS!"

In addition to mentioning other changes that came to MUT in Madden 23 that haven't been well-received (e.g. the removal of Weekend League, worsened free rewards), content creator Fendler explained how there isn't a "value floor" for those who do decide to spend money to test their luck in the mode's "slot machine" pack odds.

"You need to know going into spending money on packs that there's an inherent risk that there's going to be no return on your investment whatsoever," Fendler said in a video. "Indeed, even using the word investment is a little bit strong, you're throwing money away. It's a slot machine.

"Even consenting adults who understand this well are going into transactions now it seems like, particularly this year, and being met with no type of value floor."

Fendler went on to explain his recent experience buying a $50 dollar Team of the Week Bundle, which had his favorite player in the packs, Saquon Barkley.

"Is it traditionally a good bundle? No. You got me though, my favorite player's in. [You] put him in the game. I am your target audience that day, spend $50 dollars to wind up with all six 81s. Fine, part of the risk. Four of my 81s were the same card. The other two were also the same card.

"For $50 dollars, in-game currency amounting to between 40 and 50K at the point once I turned everything over from the packs. That's just a robbery."

Ultimately, as others in the community have pointed out, it will likely take several weeks of committed organizing before the effects of the #PackStrike could truly be felt.

Of course, microtransactions and loot box odds have always been controversial throughout gaming, but especially so in major sports titles in recent years.