Madden 23 Ratings: 10 Fastest Position Players

EA Sports

Speed in Madden determines which players can burn defenses, or have the potential to catch up to an opponent and stop a big gain play. Luckily, on July 18, EA held Madden Ratings Week, an event that revealed every player and team overall, as well as every stat rating in the game.

Madden Fans can now access the Madden 23 player base to look at every team and player statistic, including speed ratings.

Madden 23 Ratings: 10 Fastest Position Players

Here's who will be the fastest players in Madden once the game launches in August:

  1. Tyreek Hill - WR / Miami Dolphins (99 Speed)
  2. Jameson Williams - WR / Detroit Lions (98 Speed)
  3. Kalon Barnes - CB / Carolina Panthers ( 98 Speed)
  4. Quez Watkins - WR / Philadelphia Eagles (98 Speed)
  5. Jaylen Waddle - WR / Miami Dolphins (97 Speed)
  6. Marquise Brown - WR / Arizona Cardinals (97 Speed)
  7. Mecole Hardman Jr. - WR / Kansas City Chiefs (97 Speed)
  8. Tariq Woolen - CB / Seattle Seahawks - (97 Speed)
  9. Anthony Schwartz - WR / Cleveland Browns - (96 Speed)
  10. Lamar Jackson - QB / Baltimore Ravens - (96 Speed)

Wide receivers dominate the list, however there is some diversity, as cornerbacks and quarterbacks are also on the list. Shockingly, there are no running backs who made it into the top 10. The fastest running back in the game is Raheem Mostert, who just missed the cut with a 95 Speed rating.

Miami Dolphins fans should be excited because they're the only team with two players in the top 10 in Hill and Waddle.