Madden 23 Week 1 Roster Update: When is it?

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports
Photo Courtesy of EA Sports / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

Are you already looking forward to the end of week one of the NFL season? Let's take a look at when the roster update for week one of Madden 23 is.

EA Sports releases a lot of different sports games each year. To name a few, they have their Madden NFL franchise, their NHL and NBA franchise, as well as Fifa and PGA Tour. These games are released once a year ahead of the season for their particular sport. However once the game is released that doesn't mean EA is done working with the game.

Madden 23 had its first major update on Thursday Sept. 8, 2022. The 53 man roster was finally added to the game, and we had our first major look at what this season's Madden rosters will look like. The next time we could see some changes is after this first week of games comes to a close.

Madden 23 Week 1 Roster Update: When is it?

Madden had their first roster update on Thursday ahead of the start of the regular season with the Rams and Bills game. While there is no exact date for the weekly updates, one would expect them to stay the course as in past years.

Because the NFL has a pretty well-structured schedule, fans of Madden can expect a roster update with changes once a week assuming something notable happens. Some weeks there might not be any update needed for your favorite team if no one is drawing out of the lineup, but if something major changes an update could be released on Wednesdays like in past years.

Updating the rosters takes a few seconds and involves going to the rosters and playbooks section in the settings and selecting the edit roster section. Once there you can select the tile for the most up-to-date roster if an update is available. Updates for the rosters take just a few seconds to complete and really make playing each week more realistic for gamers at home.

After this weekend's set of opening NFL games, we should have a better idea of what changes to expect in a roster update for later next week.