Madden 23 Week 2 Roster Update Predictions

Photo Courtesy of EA
Photo Courtesy of EA / Photo Courtesy of EA

With another week of NFL football in the books, it's now a great opportunity to look at what updates could be coming to the Madden 23 rosters.

The NFL has seen some pretty dramatic games so far in Week 2 with games like the Buccaneers beating the Saints 20 to 10 and games like the 49ers beating the Seahawks 27 to 7. So many different games across the league have resulted in crazy outcomes and today I think there is a lot that could be reflected in the next Madden update.

Madden 23 Week 2 Roster Update Predictions

Here are three predictions for what I think could be reflected in the next Madden update, as well as what we could possibly see after tonight's Monday Night Football games.

Prediction 1: Joe Burrow and the Bengals Trend Down

After a tough loss to start the regular season for Joe Burrow and the Bengals, I think many expected them to bounce back in week two of the NFL season. Yet here we are. Burrow and the Bengals lost 20-17 against the Dallas Cowboys with Burrow passing for 199 yards and just one touchdown on the day.

The Bengals were just six for 17 when it comes to first day conversions and they allowed six sacks on the day. After another tough loss, Burrow and the Bengals, all will probably take a hit when it comes to their team rating.

Prediction 2: Aaron Rodgers Trends Back Up

Rodgers and the Packers lost a very frustrating game to start their season against the Vikings. Because of their tough start, their Madden rating reflected the struggles with Aaron Rodgers dropping from a 96 overall to a 95 overall.

After a night that saw Rodgers throw for 234 yards and complete 19 of 25 passes, I think he could be heading back up. He alongside with his running back core had a fantastic game against the Chicago Bears winning 27-10.

Prediction 3: Saquon Barkley Stays Trending Up

Saquon Barkley has had a great season to start the 2022-23 NFL season. Against the Panthers in Game 2, Barkley rushed for 72 yards and had 21 carries on the night. He also had an additional 16 yards in receiving yards. Barkley saw his rating go from an 86 overall to an 87 overall after week one and I think it could go up another percentage point again.

As for the Monday night games? The big showdown to keep an eye on is the Titans and the Bills. It will be interesting to see who will get the upper hand in this matchup and if the Bills win big again we could see Josh Allen's rating go up even higher.