Madden 23 Week 3 Roster Update: 5 Predictions

Madden 23 Week 3 Roster Update: 5 Predictions
Madden 23 Week 3 Roster Update: 5 Predictions / EA

With shocking outcomes across the NFL, some crazy rating adjustments could be coming to Madden 23 in the Week 3 roster update.

Each week, EA updates the players' ratings in Madden to help create the most authentic atmosphere possible for gamers. With so many big games ending in shocking ways, some major updates could be coming to star players' ratings after Week 3.

Madden 23 Week 3 Roster Update: 5 Predictions

First Prediction: Jimmy Garappolo's Rating Drops

After a tough game against the Denver Broncos, Garappolo's rating will have to drop. Garappolo's awareness might have to drop due to a bad play where he backed out of the end zone.

You can see the play below.

Prediction 2: P. J. Locke on the Rise

We have our next rating update during the same Broncos-49ers game. Broncos safety P. J. Locke has called for a boost in his rating after forcing the fumble to seal the victory for the Broncos.

The Broncos are 2-1 and have given up on average 12 points per game defensively. Seeing Locke post this message on Twitter after the win was a sight to see for Madden fans.

Prediction 3: Buccaneers Wide Receivers Fall

The Bucs were missing some big parts of their offense on Sunday when they faced the Green Bay Packers. Godwin and Jones both missed the game so the Bucs relied on Russell Gage for their yards .

Tom Brady did his best without Godwin and Jones but their overall absence was shown on the scoreboard and on the state sheet with Tom Brady having the longest run of the day for the team.

Prediction 4: Cario Santos Rises

Chicago Bears kicker Cario Santos was perfect on the day making all three of his field goals for the Bears, his longest being a 50-yarder. Santos missed a few extra points during the team's first game of the season against the 49ers, but since then he has been perfect on extra points and field goals and deserves a bit of a bump.

Prediction 5: Russell Wilson Drops

Russell Wilson had a very poor game offensively against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. While his team did get the win and improved to 2-1, he threw for just 184 yards and did not have a touchdown on the day. He also only had 17 yards on six carries so he was not a big factor.

After being hyped up as one of the big acquisitions for the Broncos all offseason, Wilson has not proven that his impact can elevate the Broncos.