Madden 23 Week 7 Roster Update Predictions

Madden 23 Week 7 Roster Update Predictions
Madden 23 Week 7 Roster Update Predictions / EA Sports

Each week, EA updates the Madden 23 rosters to more accurately depict what is going on in the NFL. After a busy weekend, there are a lot of predictions to be made for week 7.

AE makes changes each week based off of what goes on during the actual NFL games. With some crazy games including both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers losing, there definitely are some big predictions to make for this upcoming update.

Madden 23 Week 7 Roster Update Predictions

Players still have the opportunity to impact the ratings of their favorite players each week, but the main changes comes from EA based off of the previous week of games. With just a few days until the next roster update, it's time to make some predictions.

Prediction 1: Mitch Trubisky goes up

Mitch Trubisky and the Pittsburgh Steelers upset the Tampa bay Buccaneers on Sunday. After a win like that, one has to imagine he will be getting a little rating boost. Trubisky threw for one touchdown and 144 yards on the day. This was a big win for the Steelers and Trubisky as midway through the game, Trubisky entered to replace injured QB, Kenny Pickett.

Prediction 2: The Bengals are back

The Bengals have not had the best start to the 2022-23 NFL season, but this weekend they beat the Saints 30 to 26. This is big for the Bengals and a few stars in particular. With Joe Burrow having four touchdowns and Ja'Marr Chase catching the winning touchdown, there is no doubt this team will be trending back up in the ratings.

Prediction 3: The Packers are trending down

The Packers lost 27 to 10 against the New York Jets at home. No one played well for Green Bay, not the offense, not the defense and definitely not the special teams. After that rough of a showing, and considering this team is now 3-3, their rating in Madden 23 has to be going down.

Besides updating the roster each week, EA also releases a new season in Madden every month or so, and fans are in luck. Season 2 of Madden 23 is out now! If you want to check out the trailer you can see it using the video below:

The roster update for week 7 will be released on Wednesday.