Madden NFL 22 Version 2.02 Explained

Madden NFL 22
Madden NFL 22 / Credit to EA Sports

Madden NFL 22 version 2.02 released on Nov. 4 with authenticity updates, changes to general gameplay and pass coverage mechanics, and bug fixes for Franchise Mode.

The official patch notes can be found on Madden 22's website.

Madden NFL 22 Version 2.02 Explained

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing cornerbacks playing Outside Deep Third while aligned in the Press to turn incorrectly after bailing deep, allowing deep routes to get behind them
  • Added logic to improve Cloud Zone defenders inside the Red Zone, giving more awareness of the boundaries
  • Added logic to teammate avoidance to help Defensive Backs avoid running into each other for extended periods of time, taking themselves out of the play
  • Fixed an issue causing coverage assignments to sometimes flip when the offense would audible to a deep pass and snap quickly

Most of the changes made to Pass Coverage were bug fixes and improved logic for certain defenders. In general, pass coverage should now function more smoothly and defenders should give players less issues.

  • Removed the user-controlled ability to release the Tight End on the Delay Fade hot route
  • Fixed an issue allowing user-controlled defenders to get an unnatural speed burst at the snap while holding a combination of buttons
  • Removed user-controlled block-and-release routes for Tight Ends; block-and-release routes will now be released via a varied timer

Players now have less control over actions for the Tight End when running certain routes and certain speed exploits have been removed.

NFL Live Playbook Updates

  • Cardinals: Added Singleback Deuce
  • Cowboys: Added Weak I Pro
  • Falcons: Added Singleback Wing Tight U and Doubles Off Close
  • Jaguars: Added Strong H Pro, Singleback Trey, and Wing
  • Packers: Update to Singleback Deuce Close and Strong Close
  • Panthers Defense: Added 3-4 Under with specialized subpackage for their outside pass rushers
  • Patriots: Replaced the designed QB runs and options plays with more pro-style plays
  • Raiders Fixed minor issue for Gun Trips TE
  • Ravens: Added Singleback Wing Tight U, Ace Double Wing, and I Form Close
  • Saints: Added Taysom Hill Package
  • Seahawks: Added I Form Pro and Singleback Bunch X Nasty
  • 49ers: Added Pistol Strong Slot
  • Vikings: Updated to Gun Trips TE

In total, 13 different teams had a play adjusted or added to their NFL Live Playbook.

Franchise updates

  • Fixed a rare issue where an infinite load would trigger after playing a Franchise game
  • Fixed a rare crash issue when re-entering the staff screen after simulating to the next season
  • Updated a pregame stat banner to show the correct team stats during the season

The majority of the updates made to Franchise mode were bug fixes that improved the game's stability.