Madden NFL 23 FieldSENSE Revealed: Full Details of Four New Systems

Madden 23
Madden 23 / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

New features for the upcoming Madden NFL 23 are finally being revealed by EA Sports. The game is scheduled to arrive Aug. 19, and these new changes look to bring the football game in a whole new direction.

One of these changes is the new FieldSENSE gameplay system. According to developers, FieldSENSE is the foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay that gives you more control at every position and affects every game mode in Madden NFL 23.

FieldSENSE features four new systems that EA calls the following:

  • Hit Everything
  • Skill-Based Passing
  • 360° Cuts
  • WR vs DB Battles.

Madden NFL 23 FieldSENSE Revealed

Here's everything you need to know about the new FieldSENSE systems, per EA Sports' press release:

Hit Everything

Hit Everything is comprised of six key components that offer emergent gameplay interactions combined with over 3,500 new animations to give you control over every impact, tackle, and collision for more authentic outcomes. Tackles in the pile, stand up tackles, blocks and mid-air knockouts will all receive new animations and physics to giver players more control over the outcome of a play, while also adding more unpredictability.

Skill-Based Passing

Skill-Based Passing is designed to give you even more control over every pass you throw by combining a new passing meter to dictate your power and trajectory on pass and a new control for pinpoint precision. With Skill-Based Passing, you can now lead receivers open and place the ball where only they can get it. You’ll have the ability to make back-shoulder throws, place it into the perfect spot on a corner route, hit your receiver for an end zone fade, or drop it over the defense on a streak.

360° Cuts

360° Cuts gives players precise control to trigger hard cuts at any point while running with the ball. Previously, players could only rely on their left-stick input to choose between hard cuts or rounded turns. In Madden NFL 23, you now have the control to cut when and where you want so your ball carrier can find the lanes as you see them.

WR vs DB Battles

FieldSENSE delivers is branching WR releases and cuts, defensive back presses and counters, and an all-new defensive evade mechanic. These mechanics are available in every game mode, but have been created specifically with player-locked modes like Face of the Franchise: The League and Squads in Superstar KO and Madden Ultimate Team in mind.

These new FieldSENSE features look to change the way that Madden is played for the better. Madden 23 releases August 19.