Mafia: 3 Definitive Edition Differences

Mafia: 3 Definitive Edition differences between it and the original title
Mafia: 3 Definitive Edition differences between it and the original title / 2K Games

Mafia: Definitive Edition differences from the original are quite noticeable — as to be expected with any similar remaster.

2K Games has set about bringing its classic Mafia series back to life with a 2020 remaster, Mafia: Definitive Edition. The development team has been committed to keeping the beloved aspects of the game, story, and characters while bringing in the technology honed in previous iterations and sequels. They've determined the best areas for rework and expansion, creating what many hope to be beneficial changes.

Mafia: 3 Definitive Edition Differences

1. Gameplay Rework

One of the largest areas of the game to be tweaked is the actual gameplay. The developers wanted the game to play less like a classic first-person shooter and more like the intuitive cover and combat mechanics from Mafia III. They've made changes to the driving simulative behavior including gas tank amount, speed, shifting, and more. The police, in particular are programmed to be much more lifelike—and much more of a nuisance.

2. Expanded Story and Cinematics

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the Definitive Edition would be the expansion on the story, characters, and improvements made to the cinematics. The team has decided to give further spotlights to select characters that have previously been allocated to the background. More subtle social cues will also be added to the scenes to portray a further nuanced performance of emotion and reaction within Tommy and others.

3. Improved Map

Players should be excited to find out that many of the beloved landmarks will be returning. The classic downtown distinct will be updated with 2020 graphics and textures, keeping all the locations returning fans know and love. The city will also be much more drivable compared to the 2002 version with a mode less aggravating than the traditional top-down view.

More information can be found on the game's website.