Magcargo in Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Magcargo in Pokemon GO: How to Catch
Magcargo in Pokemon GO: How to Catch / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokemon GO's Magcargo is a tricky Pokemon to encounter in the game. However, this Pokemon is a great addition for anyone's team as it's both a Fire- and Rock-type Pokemon, inflicting damage on many different types of Pokemon. Here's everything you need to know about encountering and catching Magcargo.

Players can obtain Magcargo through finding Slugma and evolving it with Candy. Sluga is most likely to appear in dry and warmer climate areas, as well as beaches and parks.

If you're looking for Slugma in the wild, it's recommended to use Incense items in order to increase its spawn rate. Fortunately, players can also encounter a Shiny Slugma in the game, which has a grey color scheme.

Magcargo in Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Players can also hatch Slugma from 2 km eggs. Slugma can evolve into Magcargo with 50 Candy.

Since Magcargo is a Fire- and Rock-type Pokemon, it is vulnerable against Water-, Ground-, Rock-, and Fighting-type Pokemon. However, this Pokemon is also resistant towards Normal-, Ice-, Fairy-, Bug-, Poison-, Flying-, and Fire-type Pokemon.

Magcargo's go-to moves include Ember, Rock Throw, Stone Edge, Heat Wave, and Overheat.

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