Magic: the Gathering Arena Player Count 2023: How to Check

Chandra Nalaar, one of the most popular characters in Magic: The Gathering
Chandra Nalaar, one of the most popular characters in Magic: The Gathering / WOTC / Magali Villeneuve

Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTGA) is a digital version of the critically-acclaimed card game Magic: The Gathering produced by Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), and one of the most popular ways to play the game, but how can you check to see just how active the player base really is? Here's what you need to know about Magic: The Gathering Arena's player count.

MTGA is a fully-digitized, free-to-play version of the game and automates many of its rules. The game has been marketed as a way to bring in new players looking to get into the game but might be intimidated by the complexity of the game's systems. MTGA was first released for beta testing in November 2017, and officially released for Windows in September 2019. Versions for Mac and mobile devices followed, and the game has since been integrated into the Epic Games Store.

Magic The Gathering Arena Phyrexia Art
Art from Phyrexia: All Will Be One / WOTC / Marc Simonetti

How to Check Magic: The Gathering Arena Player Count in 2023

While Wizards of the Coast has not yet made MTGA player counts publicly available, the website runs a live and monthly tracker of the game's player numbers. According to the tracker, MTGA had over 6 million players in the last 30 days.

MTGA is frequently updated with new events, formats and cards. MTGA players get access to all the new sets and are able to participate in a multitude of the game's many formats, including Standard, Historic, Limited and other specialty formats. The game's newest set, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, codenamed ONE, is releasing soon, and MTGA players will gain access to the new cards digitally alongside those who play on tabletops.

ONE is a continuation of the ongoing Magic story that pits heroic Planeswalkers against the villainous Phyrexians in a battle that spans the game's multiverse.