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Magizoology Family Foundables: What You Need to Know

Magizoology family Foundables include creatures aplenty and one Newt Scamander. View the full list.

Magizoology family foundables are one group of Foundables players can encounter in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The members of the Magizoology family can range in difficulty and aspect quite widely — they can include creatures, items and even wizards, though the Magizoology family tends towards creatures.

Here are all the members of the Magizoology family of Foundables alongside their respective rarities and the experience total awarded upon adding each Foundable to your registry.

Magizoology Family Foundables: What You Need to Know

Baby Niffler — Low Rarity, 250 XP
BillyWig — Low Rarity, 250 XP
Branch of Bowtruckles — Medium Rarity, 250 XP
Demiguise — High Rarity, 250 XP
Erumpent — Medium Rarity, 250 XP
Mooncalf — Medium Rarity, 250 XP
Mountain Troll — High Rarity, 250 XP
Murtlap — Emergency Rarity, 0 XP
Newt Scamander — Emergency Rarity, 250 XP
Niffler — Medium Rarity, 250 XP
Occamy — Emergency Rarity, 0 XP
Occamy Eggs — High Rarity, 250 XP
Pickett — Severe Rarity, 250 XP
Thunderbird — Emergency Rarity, 0 XP
Unicorn — Severe Rarity, 250 XP
Young Graphorn — Low Rarity, 250 XP

Photo courtesy of Niantic