Magnetic Lure Pokemon Go List: What Pokemon can be Evolved And Attracted by it?

Magnetic Lures in Pokemon Go can be used for two purposes: attracting certain types of Pokemon, and evolving a few specific Pokemon. Here's everything you need to know:

Magnetic Lure Pokemon Go List

The following Pokemon can be evolved with a Magnetic Lure:

Magneton can be evolved into Magnezone.
Nosepass can be evolved into Probopass.

To activate these evolutions, you have to have an active Magnetic Lure while you are in range of a PokeStop. Activate the PokeStop's Photo Disc, and that should enable your evolutions if your Pokemon are a high enough level.

Image Courtesy of Niantic
Image Courtesy of Niantic /

Outside of evolution, you can use a Magnetic Lure to attract specific types of Pokemon in your area. These are the types of attracted Pokemon:


This attraction lasts up to 30 minutes, so it's best to use when you have a solid chunk of time to dedicate towards hunting. It's a good way to try to fill out your Pokedex or hunt down shiny versions of Pokemon you already have.

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