'Make a New Friend' Error in Pokemon GO: Is There a Fix?

Photo courtesy of Niantic.

The Misunderstood Mischief Special Research Story was the Special Research that introduced legendary Pokemon Hoopa to the world of Pokemon GO. It was the first season-long Special Research, and players were able to catch Hoopa by completing tasks. However, some players were unable to complete one of the tasks due to an error. It is the "Make a New Friend" task that many players seemed to have difficulty completing. So, how can players fix this issue?

How to Fix 'Make a New Friend' Error in Pokemon GO

The error in the "Make a New Friend" task comes about from players successfully sending a friend request and having it accepted, but the task still does not complete.

The best way to fix the "Make a New Friend" error is to contact Niantic Customer Support and ask for assistance. Players can contact Niantic Support through the Pokemon GO app. When you open Pokemon GO, click the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen. Go to settings at the top right, then press the Help bubble in the top right. After this, click the chat bubble icon in the top right corner. Doing this will start a live chat with a member of Niantic Support, who should be able to help solve the issue quickly after you have described your problem.