'Making A Splash' Pokemon Go Rewards Guide

Making a splash rewards for Pokemon GO
Making a splash rewards for Pokemon GO / Photo by Niantic

The Making a Splash Pokemon Go Rewards that players can receive during August's Community Day will greatly assist players in evolving their Magikarps into Gyarados. As was customary for previous community days, an optional paid special research has been made available to players in the in-game shop. The ticket is currently up for purchase ahead of Community Day for 99 cents. August Community Day will occur on Saturday, Aug. 8 between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

'Making A Splash' Pokemon Go Rewards Guide

What are the Research Rewards?

Although the rewards have not been officially revealed yet, we can hazard a guess based on previous Community Day events. Most likely the rewards will include large amounts of Magikarp candies as well as exp, stardust, and gold and silver berries. The biggest draw for players here will likely be the increased amount of candies, considering the whopping 400 needed to evolve Magikarp. Silver Pinap berries will also likely be appreciated for the same reason.

What Else You Can Expect

Magikarp spawns will be increased during the event, making it an ideal for shiny hunting. Players can also receive an event exclusive Aqua Tail Gyarados. Players will also see increased incense duration times and larger stardust drops from Pokemon.