Man Commandeers Airport Monitor to Play Apex Legends

One ingenious Portland International Airport custom found a maximally disruptive way to play video games Thursday, commandeering an airport monitor to play PlayStation 4 games.

The traveler unplugged the monitor, which typically displays a map of the airport, in order to play what appeared to be Apex Legends. Stefan Dietz, a Twitter user who documented the occasion with a photograph, told CNN the man appeared to be talking to other players through a headset.

"I couldn't believe it," said Dietz. "You've got all these monitors there and he's playing a video game."

The incident took place around 4:30 in the morning, according to airport spokeswoman Kama Simonds.

Airport officials eventually asked the man to restore the map and stop playing. He reportedly responded by asking if he could finish his match before signing off. The officials denied his request.

Simonds called the incident "a good reminder of what not to do at the airport."