Maneater All Apex Predators

Maneater all Apex predators are tied to story mode missions, making them hard to miss
Maneater all Apex predators are tied to story mode missions, making them hard to miss / Tripwire Interactive LLC

In Maneater, all apex predators are tied to some sort of story mission to further your progression. As such, they are impossible to miss.

Each Apex predator will reward you with a fancy new evolutionary ability and a trophy for your battle against them. Most of these creatures award you pieces of the Bone set that focuses on damage reduction and protection.

Below you'll find a full list containing each predator, where they can be found, and what they give you.

Maneater All Apex Predators Full List

The Alligator can be found in Fawtick Bayou. Once you beat it, you gain the Amphibious ability which allows you to stay on land for longer without risking death or damage. You also get the "Gator Meat" trophy.

The Barracuta lives in Dead Horse Lake. After its defeat, you get the Bone Teeth ability that provides bonuses to your bite and thrash damage. You also get the "Delicious" trophy.

The Mako Shark resides in Golden Shores. When you beat it, you'll be awarded the next piece of the Bone set, Bone Fins. This ability gives you damage resistance. Your trophy for this encounter is "Shark on Shark Violence."

The Hammerhead Shark is located in Sapphire Bay. Your prize upon victory is the Bone Body, which awards you the Bone Crusher ability alongside several other buffs to damage resistance, ramming damage, speed, and acceleration. Your trophy is "Pound It."

The Great White Shark can be fought in Prosperity Sands. For this win, you get the Bone Tail. This turns your tail into a deadly weapon on its own and awards bonuses to your Tailwhip attack. Your trophy here is "This Is My Movie," which is a clear reference to the popular JAWS franchise.

The Killer Whale fight happens in Caviar Key and awards you the last piece of the Bone set: Bone Head. With Bone Head, you get damage resistance, ramming damage bonuses, and advantage against boat crewmen in combat. You'll also be awarded the "Tricks Didn't Help Ya" trophy for your efforts.

The Sperm Whale can be found in The Gulf and will give you Subliminal Evasion upon its defeat. This ability gifts you a little peace of mind. Fish smaller than 50% of your size ignore you so you won't have to waste your time defending against enemies with a Napoleon complex. Your trophy is "I Thought You Were Tough."

Defeating all the listed apex predators nets you the trophy "The New Apex Predator."