Maneater Future Updates: What to Expect

What can we expect from future Maneater updates?
What can we expect from future Maneater updates? / Photo by Tripwire Interactive

Maneater Future Updates haven't been officially revealed yet, but we can get an idea of where the game is heading after launch.

Maneater Future Updates: What to Expect

In an interview with PC Games, Tripwire President John Gibson commented on upcoming offerings from the studio. He mentions something for Maneater. "We're taking the community feedback and looking at things we can add to [Maneater]," Gibson said.

It's pretty vague, but it's obvious that the studio is looking at fan and player feedback for ideas on what to add to the game, whether free or in paid DLC.

Fans of Maneater have wanted new missions featuring different boss animals and locations, or perhaps even builds of the game where you play as a non-shark animal. It's unlikely we'll be able to play as a non-shark, as Maneater is billed as "the shark game". More likely, we could expect new locations. Perhaps we'll be heading deeper into the ocean?

Other suggestions have included more shark skins, letting you furtuer customize and choose your shark species to something other than the default bull shark. Something like this seems feasible for a free update.

Maneater is out now for PS4, XBox and Steam. The shark RPG will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.