Maneater Highest Level

Maneater highest level isn't as difficult to achieve as you'd think
Maneater highest level isn't as difficult to achieve as you'd think / Tripwire Interactive LLC

Maneater highest level is a great place to start when thinking about how to build your shark.

Tripwire Interactive recently introduced its single-player action RPG Maneater into the wide pool of simulator games on May 22. Since then, it's been making its way through the murky waters to reach new heights of popularity.

The game is essentially a shark simulator. Your goal is to become the apex predator of the ocean by hunting, feeding, destroying ships, and terrorizing the coast. As you level up, you'll grow in size, evolve new abilities, and garner quite a reputation with the locals.

Maneater Highest Level

At the time of writing, the maximum level you can reach is 30.

The game has four distinct level brackets that are noted as your shark's "age." New sharks start out as pups at level one. Once you hit the ceiling of your current age, you need to return to your grotto to properly level-up.

  • At level four, you'll become a teen shark.
  • At level 10, you're an adult.
  • At 20, you're an elder.
  • At 30, you become a "Mega Shark."

The best way to level up your shark is to become the most dangerous predator in the deep blue sea. Hone your hunting skills and chow down on anything that enters your waters. Additionally, destroying boats, finding caches, and completing challenges are also great ways to collect experience.