Maneater Unlocks Full List and Guide

Maneater unlocks turn your shark into a ferocious king of the oceans
Maneater unlocks turn your shark into a ferocious king of the oceans / Tripwire Interactive LLC

Maneater unlocks are some of the best tools available for you to upgrade your shark.

There are several unlockable upgrades available, whether that's collecting parts of gear sets to outfit your shark or finding new inherent abilities to further the natural skills you already have. Each piece can be earned through combat or simply exploring the waters around you.

Below, you'll find a full list of all the unlockable mutations and abilities granted in the game.

Maneater Unlocks Full List and Guide

Sonar—allows you to further sense enemies and prey in open waters. This is your first ability.

Protein Digestion—allows for better healing and gives you an additional 20% protein from feedings. This is unlocked by finding all the landmarks in Fawtick Bayou.

Mineral Digestion—furthers the healing from Protein Digestion and gives you an increase in minerals gained through feeding. Unlocking this requires players to hit Infamy rank three and beat Pookie Paul.

Fat Digestion—furthers healing from Protein and Mineral Digestion and provides more fat from feedings. You get this ability after defeating Scaley Pete in Sapphire Bay.

Adrenal Gland—increases speed and evasion when injured. To unlock, players will have had to reach Infamy rank four and destroy Candyman Curtis.

Hearty—increases your health and provides better defense against boats and crewmen. To unlock, players must eliminate Bobbie Bojangles and achieve Infamy rank two.

Amphibious—allows you to stay on land for longer without injury. You get this ability by defeating the Apex Alligator.

Brutal Muscles—increases your swim speed and damage done by your tail. To unlock this ability, players need to reach Infamy rank ten and take down Captain Robert Brunlett.

Reinforced Cartilage—increases your resistance to all types of incoming damage. It can be obtained by finding all the landmarks in The Gulf.

Subliminal Evasion—fish smaller than 50% of your size will avoid or ignore you. This ability is given to you after defeating the Apex Sperm Whale in The Gulf.

Bio-Electric Set—found by increasing your Infamy and taking down Infamy targets. Each target will give you another piece of the set. Every set piece provides bonuses to damage and furthers your electrifying stun to make your opponents more vulnerable.

Bone Set—gathered from defeating Apex Predators. This set provides bonuses to damage and resistance against boats corresponding to each part equipped.

Shadow Set—collected from discovering each set of landmarks around Port Clovis. It provides bonuses to your speed and damage while offering poisoning strikes. It also has useful self-heal.