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Manganese Boost Disabled in Rocket League

Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

The Manganese Boost has been temporarily disabled in Rocket League. As a part of Rocket League’s newest ‘Jump-Start A Friend’ event, the Manganese Boost was introduced into the game along with other cosmetic rewards. Bringing more players back to Rocket League before Season 8 closes, from Nov. 9 to 22, the ‘Jump-Start A Friend’ is intended to encourage online, co-op gameplay. 

Manganese Boost Rocket League

Before it was disabled Manganese Boost was the most decorated reward of the event. It was the most expensive as well, for 400 points, and was the only item in the event where players were able to unlock other colors. Psyonix has not yet addressed why the Manganese Boost was disabled, how to fix it, or when it is coming back. However, in the meantime, players should keep farming points for when this boost makes its return.

Players are able to earn points from doing the following:

  • Play 1 Online Match with a friend: 10 Points
  • Play 1 Online Match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days: 20 Points
  • Only given once per friend, for up to 3 friends, playing your first Online Match with a friend who hasn’t played in 30 days: 100 points

Now that you've got your friend back to Rocket League, to earn more points, players will receive 20 points for every additional game you play, online, with them.