Mansion of Power Fortnite: How to Complete Its Challenges

The Mansion of Power is one of the newest bonus maps included in Creative Curse, one of the many new features rolled out as part of 2019's Fortnitemares event. What exclusive challenges does the Mansion of Power contain, and what should players expect with this new game mode?

Mansion of Power Fortnite

Unlike Retribution, which is a PvE zombie horde map, the main game mode for the Mansion of Power is a free-for-all battle royale, but with a little twist. Instead of using traditional guns and weapons to eliminate your opponents, the Mansion of Power tasks players with draining the energy of other players through supernatural weapons, reminiscent of how players will be tasked with taking down the storm king that has been plaguing the new map. The first player to achieve five eliminations in the Mansion of Power wins the match.

Here is a list of all exclusive Creative Curse Challenges that can only be completed in the Mansion of Power:

-Siphon 250 health or shields from player eliminations in the Mansion of Power
-Bounce on 25 ghost vents in the Mansion of Power
-Eliminate 10 players in the Mansion of Power
-Complete all three quests in the Mansion of Power

Image Courtesy Epic Games