Mantyke Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Mantyke Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know
Mantyke Pokemon GO: Everything you need to know / Niantic Labs

Mantyke Pokemon GO is one of the most popular water-type "baby" Pokemon available in-game.

Niantic Labs originally introduced Mantyke during the Holiday 2018 event on Dec. 18. Since then, it has been available in every egg class under 10 k.m., most recently in the 5 k.m. tier for the four year anniversary of Pokemon GO last July 2020. It originally hails from the Sinnoh region and joins the likes of Pichu, Igglybuff, and Mime Jr. in the "Baby" category.

Below we've detailed everything trainers need to know about Mantyke.

Mantyke Pokemon GO

Mantyke is a water and flying-type Pokemon that resembles a young stingray. It has a bright blue rounded body with two flippers on either side, two antennae, large black eyes with eyelashes and wide white pupils, and yellow spots on its back. It has a handful of lines on its underside to represent gills.

This Pokemon has a CP ceiling of 1248, attack stat of 105, defense of 179, and stamina of 128 It can have a hit point total of 113. Mantyke isn't a strong fighter, but, in a pinch, its best role is offense with the quick move Bubble and charged move Aerial Ace.

Trainers can encounter Mantyke during the rainy weather or near bodies of water. It evolves into Mantine with the use of 50 candies. Mantine, itself, was originally introduced in the Johto region, with a PokeDex number of 226.

As mentioned before, Mantyke originally hails from the Sinnoh region with a PokeDex number of 458. Also known as the "Kite Pokemon," Mantykes are best known for their friendliness. They actively approach fishing boats to interact with humans. Interestingly enough, the pattern on their backs will change depending on their current habitat.