Marauders Prestige Points: How They Work

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Looking to find out how prestige points work in Marauders? Similar to other FPS games, prestige is used as a progression system to reset your weapons and stats for a more challenging playthrough.

Marauders, which was released for early access on PC on Monday, is a tactical first-person shooter in which players can play solo or with friends in its online PVP mode. Set in a dystopian universe where many have fled to space, the story revolves around space mercenaries called marauders trying to survive by all means. Players can also customize and upgrade their spaceships with salvaged resources to defend themselves in intergalactic dogfights.

How Marauders Prestige Points Work

Once you reach level 40, the game will give you the option to continue leveling, or to reset your progression and receive Prestige Points. If you choose to receive the points, you'll be reverted to level one, and all of your weapons, XP, and account balances will be reset. Your balance will be set to $20,000, significant upgrades will be available to unlock, and you will earn 5 Prestige Points.

Prestige Points can be used to unlock more slots in the Hangar and extra inventory space, but be mindful as with each unlock, further upgrades will be more expensive. The SAS Special Forces Pressure Suit Skin can also be obtained with Prestige Points, however it is the only cosmetic unlockable with points.

Once you've spent your Prestige Points, you'll need to repeat the process and reach level 40 again to earn more, or you can save up to purchase more unlocks at once.